The life of a 23-year-old man, Andre Calloway, was cut tragically short on June 30. Horry County Chief Deputy Coroner Tamara Willard reported that Calloway succumbed to the injuries he sustained when he’d be struck by a vehicle on Carolina Forest Boulevard

At the time of the accident, Calloway was walking near the Farm Rest Drive intersection when he was struck by Allison Bessant of Myrtle Beach. Although additional investigation still needs to be done regarding the accident, at this point, police officers have been quick to point out that Calloway shouldn’t have been walking the roadway.

2015 honda civic gastonia for sale“Cases like this make me so sad because it always seems like things, obvious things, could have been done to prevent them from happening,” said Attorney Joseph Sandefur of Florida’s top personal injury firm, John Bales. “As a personal injury attorney who also takes wrongful death cases, it’s my job to not only make sure that the victim or their family receives a settlement that helps them cope with the financial blow the incident has delivered to them, but to also ensure that the same accident doesn’t happen in the future.”

personal_injury_lawyerOnce a client has contacted a personal injury attorney about their case, the attorney looks at every single aspect of the incident and looks for various ways things could have been done to advert it from happening. In the case of Calloway, a good lawyer will look at the driving history of the woman who hit him as well as the overall condition of her brakes, they’ll explore the visibility of the intersection as well as looking to see if the potential dangers individuals who walked down the road faced while they did so.

If the personal injury lawyer’s investigation under covers information that reveals that the incident could have been prevented, they’ll sit down with you, the plaintiff, and discuss the type of lawsuit to file, who to name as defendants, and what accusations should be listed in the lawsuit. The lawyer makes the entire process easier.

1-mjF4DZGEEF0Cii6IDodpLgOnce the paperwork has been filed, the defendants are notified and the negotiation process begins. At this point, you should not speak to any of the defendants about anything unless you’re lawyer is present. You don’t want to accidently say something that will cause a settlement to e revoked.

Contrary to what the media sometimes implies, these types of cases rarely go to court. The defendants often wish to avoid the negative publicity they’d receive during a court trial, preferring to pay a settlement that is contingent on the plaintiff not saying anything about the case.

Once you’ve spoke to the personal injury or wrongful death attorney about the case, you’ll find that they do all the work for you, allowing you to take a deep breath and focus on putting your life back together.

If you were injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, or if someone you loved suffered a wrongful death, the best thing you can do for yourself is contact John Bales Attorneys and inquire about a consultation. You’ll be very glad you did.